Cool Enviro
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Design, Construction, Commissioning & Optimization
Operation & Maintenance
Oncall 24/7 Breakdown Maintenance
Chilled water systems-Pre Commissioning  Cleaning
& Chemical Passivation (BSRIA Standard)
Chilled water systems-Corrosion Prevention&  Monitoring
Filtration & Disinfection
Drinking water quality Improving
Borewell water quality Improving
Iron & Turbidity Removal Filters
Sales & Services of Water  Equipments & Controllers
Chemicals, Quality monitoring Systems & Equipments
Public & Domestic drinking water systems
Sewage Treatment Plants
Waste water treatment Plants
RO Plants
TSE Polishing Plants
Drinking water bottling plants
Chilled Water systems & Cooling Towers
Bore Well Water & Coloured Water
Homes, Housing Colonies, Hospitals & Hotels
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