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Disinfection of Public and
Domestic water utility systems.

Water disinfection means the removal, deactivation or killing of
pathogenic microorganisms. Microorganisms are destroyed or
deactivated, resulting in termination of growth and reproduction.
When microorganisms are not removed from drinking water,
drinking water usage will cause people to fall ill and spreading of
Pathogens through the entire system. CoolEnviro water
engineering provides different types of disinfections procedures
and equipments for Public water systems and Domestic household
water systems.

Disinfection by Chemical methods, Halosol Water Disinfection and
Ultraviolet Disinfection (Domestic purposes) are the major
disinfection methods advised by CoolEnviro water engineering and
we undertake design , construction and commissioning of all the
above types of disinfection facilities.

BoreWell & Contaminated Water quality
Assessment and corrective Process.

Nowadays Borewells became a major source of water for domestic
and Public water utility systems. Borewell water will have high
hardness and unwanted mineral depositions and hence the water
will not be tasty for drinking and not suitable for other purposes.
CoolEnviro Engineering does assessment for water quality and
advises corrective action process for Borewells and all kinds of
contaminated with Color and unwanted impurities.
On Call Breakdown
Maintenance Service

CoolEnviro Water engineering introduces a special type of
Maintenance procedure as “On Call Breakdown Maintenance
Service”. Through this facility we offer our maintenance team on
24/7 basis to any kind of Breakdown maintenance for water
projects and plants nevertheless the plants, Equipment or
projects are built or commissioned by CoolEnviro Water
Engineering. Hence through our On Call Breakdown Maintenance
Service team we will be providing all the Water related needs
without delay to avoid any water and Energy loss Environmental
impacts. Water is precious and it should be preserved for next
Generation. CoolEnviro Water Engineering is Committed for the
future through water preservation and Environmental concerns.

Water Treatment Equipments:
Sales and Service

CoolEnviro water engineering designs and advices clients in their
various needs in water related utility facilities as per the
requirements. CoolEnviro Engineering assures sales and
24/7after- sales service to all the esteemed clients for keeping
water in its own values.
1. Water Filters- for Public, Domestic & Industrial water
2. Water softeners- Bore well water quality improving.
3. Multimedia filters- for Public, Domestic & Industrial water
4. Dosing pumps & systems- For Chemicals & Disinfectants
5. Online Controllers- for Chilled water systems, Cooling
towers and other water plants.