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Operation and Maintenance. STPs & RO Plants.

With the backing of a Dedicative Professionals and Technical team,
CoolEnviro Water Engineering is handling Operation and
Maintenance (O&M) of all types of Water Projects like Sewage
treatment plants (MBR, SMBR, ETP, Conventional & Domestic), RO
Plants, Public Water Distribution projects for Townships and
Housing Colonies etc.

CoolEnviro Water Engineering assures the above mentioned O&M
projects as Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and provides all
Technical supports and maintenance facilities with proper state of
art and World Class maintenance procedures. CoolEnviro Water
Engineering's motto is “Efficiency with Technology” and we assure
our motto for our esteemed clients as of the true way with our
operational team.

Pre commissioning cleaning & Passivation for
Chilled water system (BSRIA Standards).

For improving the efficiency of Chilled water systems and cooling
towers, CoolEnviro advises Precommoissioning cleaning &
Passivation o f Chilled water systems. Also we recommend
Passivation against Corrosion for system pipe lines and the
equipments. These corrective measures will provide more system
efficiency and equipment's life. CoolEnviro engineers will do the
system study and executes the system cleaning and Passivation
procedures as per the requirements.

CoolEnviro recommends and provides Technical supports for the
implementation of Auto Controllers for Chilled water systems &
Cooling Towers. Hence the efficiency, Economical potential and
the Environmental commitments of the cooling systems will be
In an environmentally conscious era, reliable and responsible
solutions are the cornerstones of today's water utility service
providers. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technologies
that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly to
provide superior quality services for efficiency.

CoolEnviro Engineering offers a unique blend of Services to
enable operators of Water Utility systems to optimize efficiency
and at the same time to maximize the equipment life. Through
our experienced team of skilled engineers and technicians, we
ally with our clients to help them achieve the highest return on
investment. To achieve this  CoolEnviro has partnered with world
leading companies.

Design, Construction, Commissioning &
Process Optimization of Water Projects.

Being a group of professionals with great technical caliber and
dedicative performance consistency, CoolEnviro assures all types
of water related projects Design, Construction and commissioning
procedures in well planned and organized way to provide the
clients cost effective and competitive plants. CoolEnviro delivers
services with a state of art technology and World class
efficiency potentials.

Public Water projects, Reverse Osmosis plants for Drinking water
production, Treated Sewage effluent or Treated waste water for
reuse purposes through Polishing plants, Waste treatment Plants
for Industries, Hospitals, Housing Colonies , Commercial Buildings
etc are the main concerns of CoolEnviro Water engineering.

District cooling systems, Cooling towers and Chilled water
systems of Open or Closed loops and the related Water
treatment and systems cleaning, Preservation against Corrosion,
Protection against Microbiological contaminations in related
systems of District cooling systems and Chilled water systems
are also maintained and monitored by CoolEnviro water
engineering as per the requirements.